Scientific Seminars Research Group "Análisis Geográfico Multiescalar del Cambio Global (IEGD-CSIC)"

seminarios_grupo_agmcc_4.jpgSala Enrique Fuentes Quintana 3E

Advances in the modeling of a tree‐grass ecosystem based on the use of radiative transfer models, José Ramón Melendo. Pre‐doc researcher. SpecLab‐CSIC
Monitoring Grassland Canopy Architecture Using “NIR Shoulder” Spectral Indices and Sensitivity Analysis of PROSAIL Model Parameters, Hafiz Ali Imran. Pre‐doc researcher. Fondazione Edmund Mach (Italy)
Evaluation and sensitivity analysis of a Two‐Source Energy Balance Model for simulating ET in a Tree‐Grass Ecosystem. Vicente Burchard Levine. Pre‐doc researcher. SpecLab‐CSIC

Organiza: Pilar Martín Isabel (IEGD, CCHS-CSIC)