Seminarios del IPP: “Turning an algorithm into a platform Ethnography of the design of a new generation decision-support tool for Multiple Sclerosis"

ipp131021.jpgAula de cursos 1C28

Por Mauro Turrini (IPP-CSIC)

Abstract: What can a new generation algorithm based on big data do? A common answer that raises many bioethical and legal concerns is to replace medical decision-making with an automated process. This concern, although legitimate and relevant, hides other phenomena that are just as important or even more general than the previous one. This study attempts to explore some of them through the thick description and design of a medical decision support tool in the context of Multiple Sclerosis. Following the evolutionary trajectory of a major North American study centre's initiative to position itself in the field of digital health, we focus in particular on an entirely innovative trend of turning these tools into true digital platforms. The flow of data on which they are based tends to profoundly change the relationship between doctors and patients, and to open up new players, particularly in research, industry and finance. Beyond the services that platforms can offer, they are private companies whose priority is access to an increasing amount of data.

Organiza: Francisco Herreros (IPP-CSIC)