Theory with Praxis (TcP)

Researcher in charge: Roberto R. Aramayo

Our Research Group (created at the Department of Theoretical Philosophy of the Institute of Philosophy) derives its name from Leibniz's principle later adopted by Kant in his Theory and Practice, as we consider that in order to improve the practice the corresponding theory should be improved first, particulalry in the fields of politics and ethics. In his reading on Enlightenment describes Cassirer enlightened thinkers as unwilling to understand their reflections would not have any practical use, and this is something strongly supported by those who are ascribed or have been ascribed to the TcP RG. The dialectics between concepts and values, the history of ideas, the hermeneutics and the philosophy of history constitute some of our methodological tools that we apply to topics such as the relationship between crises and revolutions or the role of Europe in a globalized world, the new banality of evel and the new voluntary bondage induced by the thoughtless misuse of the new technology.

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