Department of Anthropology

Head of. Dept.: Alberto Corsín Jiménez

It raises the anthropological investigation of societies in a broad sense and with numerous lines of interconnection between the interests of its members. We dialogue with debates on the nature and modalities of social memory, its transnational deployment and the relationship between memory and power; transitional and environmental justice and its link with human rights; educational policies and inequality in the classroom; urban justice and the anthropology of science (citizen science and technological sovereignty); and the study of archaic societies. The members of the department in turn form the Social and Cultural Anthropology Research Group.

Social and Cultural Anthropology is a discipline of the Social Sciences that studies the variability of and in human cultures. Although its specificity is based on a long tradition in the study of both cultural change and diversity, which includes a transcultural perspective and interest in intercultural relations, it is currently presented as indispensable for the analysis of issues such as inequalities and differences. identities, be they ethnic, class, gender or age.

Research Group

Instituto de Lengua, Literatura y Antropología (ILLA)