Ganuza Fernández

Científico Titular de OPIS
Dept. of Economics and Politics
Citizens and Institutions (CIP)

Ernesto Ganuza has a Ph.D. in Sociology from the Complutense University of Madrid (2005). He has been a visiting researcher at the Center Marc Bloch (Berlin, 2007), CNRS (Paris, 2008) and Brown University (Providence, 2011). He did the Master of Research and Participatory Methodologies at the UCM (1997). Between 2009 and 2020 he was Research Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Social Studies in the city of Córdoba.

Ernesto Ganuza has worked on citizen participation in a broad sense, from the history that favors its implementation, to the analytical elements that allow us to better understand the conditions that favor participatory institutions. He has been involved in international research projects on the spread of democratic innovations around the world, publishing books and articles on this issue (such as Popular Democracy: the paradox of participation, Stanford University Press). He has taught in the Master of Participatory Methodologies at UCM. But he has also performed important advisory and consultancy tasks in the implementation of participatory processes at different scales (local and regional). He was the coordinator of the first Deliberative Survey organized in Spain on Water in Andalusia (2008) and advised the City Council of Córdoba to design and organize Participatory Budgets (2000).

Part of his time is dedicated to Scientific Management, highlighting the work carried out as Chief Editor of the Revista Internacional de Sociología (JCR journal) since 2014 (Secretary of the Journal between 2009-2013). He has been academic deputy director at the Institute of Advanced Social Studies in the city of Córdoba (2013-15). He was also a member of the Commission of Area 1 at the CSIC (Human and Social Sciences) between 2015 and 2018

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