Contratado Ramón y Cajal
Dept. of Theoretical Philosophy and Practical Philosophy
Applied Ethics Group (GEA)

Samuele Chilovi completed his Ph.D. in philosophy at the University of Barcelona, and has held research positions at UCLA, Glasgow University, and Pompeu Fabra University, as well as visiting positions at Rutgers University, UAM and UCM.

His primary research interests lie in metaphysics, philosophy of law, (meta)ethics, and social philosophy. He has also side interests in the philosophies of mind and language, and in political philosophy.

He has published papers in Philosophical Studies, Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, Synthese, and Legal Theory, and has been a recipient of the Annual Reviewer Award from Legal Theory. He is currently preparing two volumes for the Elements Series with Cambridge University Press, centred on the metaphysics of legal facts and norms.


Selected publications

Chilovi, Samuele & Pavlakos, George (2022). The Explanatory Demands of Grounding in Law. Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 103 (4):900-933.

Chilovi, Samuele & Wodak, Daniel (2022). On the (in)significance of Hume’s Law. Philosophical Studies 179 (2):633-653.

Chilovi, Samuele (2021). Grounding entails supervenience. Synthese 198 (S6):1317-1334.

Chilovi, Samuele (2020). Grounding-based formulations of legal positivism. Philosophical Studies 177 (11):3283-3302.

Chilovi, Samuele & Pavlakos, George (2019). Law-Determination as Grounding: A Common Grounding Framework for Jurisprudence. Legal Theory 25 (1):53-76.



Affiliate member of the Glasgow Law & Philosophy Network, Glasgow University

Collaborator of the Law & Philosophy Research Group, Pompeu Fabra University

Recipient of the 2021 Annual Reviewer Award from the journal Legal Theory.

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