Revista Española de Documentación Científica

Revista Española de Documentación CientíficaLa Revista Española de Documentación Científica is a scientific journal published by CSIC and edited at Institute of Philosophy addressed to specialists in the field of Library and Information Science and those involved in the use of scientific and technical information for science policy and decision making. REDC includes research papers subjected to peer review process, dealing with experimental and theoretical topics, particularly in the following fields:

  • Measurement of Scientific Outputs; Science and Technology Indicators; Bibliometrics.
  • Networks and Information Systems; Electronic Resources; Internet; Web Pages.
  • Scientific Journal and Database Evaluation.
  • Libraries and Archives; Information Management; Information Treatment and Analysis.


Founded in 1977 it began to be available online in 2007, in PDF format, maintaining printed edition until 2013. That year it became an electronic journal publishing in PDF, HTML and XML-JATS. Contents of previous issues are also available in PDF files.

REDC is indexed in Web of Science:  and other national and international databases. It is indexed in Latindex Catalogue 2.0 and has obtained the FECYT Seal of Quality.

Instituto de Filosofía (IFS)