Seminarios SPRI-SCImago: «Genetic medicine as subjectivity practice»

Vie, 05-06-2009; 02:00

Por: Bernhard Wieser (Inter-University Research Centre for Technology, Work and Culture. Univ. Graz)

Sala Enrique Fuentes Quintana 3E

The results of genetic examinations can reveal profound consequences for the lives of the tested individual. A diagnosis confronts the tested self with its own finiteness, with specific health risks or with the possibility to pass on genetic mutation to one’s own offspring. How do people deal with a “genetic knowledge” conveyed to them by medical action? How does that shape their self-conception and their relationships to others? Against this backdrop I will address subjectivity processes in the context of modern genetic medicine. I will discuss current STS literature on the topic and draw on empirical findings of my own research.

Organiza: G.I. Sistemas y Políticas de Investigación e Innovación (SPRI-SCImago)

Contacto: Vincenzo Pavone (IPP, CCHS-CSIC)

Seminarios SPRI-SCImago: «Genetic medicine as subjectivity practice»
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