SPECNET-EUROSPEC Meeting: International Networks cooperating to link spectral data and flux measurements around the world

Mié, 27-06-2012; 02:00 hasta Vie, 29-06-2012; 02:00
Salón de Actos
Theme: Best practices: instruments, protocols and databases
Mission: To provide a forum to foster scientific collaboration between EUROSPEC and SPECNET networks and promote common activities to advance in building up a global spectral-flux sampling network
General Topics of Discussion:
1. Best practices and comparability issues    
2. State of the art on data sharing technologies, metadata and data policies
Participants: The meeting is open to the EUROSPEC and SPECNET research communities; scientists, postdocs and graduate students. Interested parties include:
1. Those measuring and modeling carbon, water and energy fluxes between vegetation and the atmosphere
2. those conducting ongoing optical sampling linked to fluxes
3. those making hyperspectral reflectance measurements over landscapes on regular bases    
4. those who are linking land/vegetation flux and remote sensing data at different scales and
5. those earth observation scientists interested in new tools to maintain and share large spectral data sets
Registration deadline: 20th June 2012
Reproducción audiovisual de este evento:
Session 1. Introduction and overview of networks (Chair: Pilar Martin-CSIC). (Youtube) (Cienciatk: Parte 1; Parte 2)
Session 2: Spectral data collection: proximal and remote sensors (UAV, airborne and satellite data) (Chair: Loris Vescovo-FEM).(Youtube) (Cienciatk: Parte 1; Parte 2)
Session 3:  Field protocols (Chair:John Gamon-Univ. Alberta).(Youtube) (Cienciatk: Parte 1; Parte 2)
Session 4. Data management and exchange (Chair: Manuela Balzarolo-UNITUS).(Youtube) (Cienciatk: Parte 1; Parte 2)
Eurospec WG1 working session (open to all participants).(Youtube) (Cienciatk: Parte 1; Parte 2)
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