Elvira Martín Contreras (ILC) autora y coeditora del libro “The Text of the Hebrew Bible. From the Rabbis to the Masoretes”

Viernes, 14 Noviembre, 2014
This book aims to open up the discussion and research of the up tonow unstudied period of the History of the Hebrew Bible text: the period from the apparent stabilization of the Hebrew biblical text until the standardization that is reflected in the manuscripts of biblical text, those including the Masorah (c. 2nd – 9th centuries A.D.). What took place from the time of the standardization of the consonantic text of the Hebrew Bible until the appearance of the first Masoretic codices? How was the biblical text preserved in the meantime? How was the body of notes that makes up the Masorah formed? How can the diversity of the textual traditions contained in the Masorah be explained and be consistent with the idea of a textestablished and standardized centuries before?

Contributors:  Emanuel Tov, John van Seters, Arie van der Kooij, Günter Stemberger, Julio Trebolle, Pablo Torijano, Nathan Jastram, Alexander Samely, Willem F. Smelik, Lea Himmelfarb, Yosef Ofer, David Marcus, Elvira Martín-Contreras, Lorena Miralles-Maciá.

The Editors:
Dr. Elvira Martín-Contreras is Tenured Research Fellow at the Institute of Languages and Cultures of the Mediterranean and the Near East (ILC, CCHS-CSIC).
Dr. Lorena Miralles-Maciá is Associate Researcher at the Department of Semitic Studies, University of Granada.
Martín-Contreras, Elvira and Miralles-Maciá, Lorena. The Text of the Hebrew Bible. From the Rabbis to the Masoretes. Göttingen (Alemania): Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2014. Journal of Ancient Judaism. Supplements, Band 13
ISBN 978-3-525-55064-9
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