Fifth International Spring School in Jewish Studies «Home, Belonging and Exile: Sepharad and Beyond»

Vie, 27-05-2022; 02:00 hasta Vie, 03-06-2022; 02:00

springschool.jpgCoordination and supervision: Javier Castaño (ILC-CSIC); Pablo Torijano; Avriel Bar-Levav; Andrea Schatz; Bart Wallet; Irene Zwiep.
Secretary: Irene Rincón (ILC-CSIC).

Venues: Sephardic Museum, Toledo; Faculty of Philology, University Complutense of Madrid; Center of Human and Social Sciences, CSIC (2 jun).

Fee: Check with your university.

Credits: Check with your university. The students that attend to all the sessions and complete the necessary requirements by their university will receive a certificate.

Contact and information: jmed [at]

Organization: Hebrew and Jewish Studies Department, Univ. of Amsterdam; The Open University of Israel; King's College London; Jewish Cultures across Mediterranean Europe (J-Med), CSIC-UCM; Sephardic Museum, Toledo.

Curso de posgrado "Fifth International Spring School in Jewish Studies - Home, Belonging and Exile: Sepharad and Beyond"
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Dpto. de Estudios Judíos e Islámicos
Judíos y Musulmanes en la Trama Social Mediterránea: Fuentes y Contextos (REDMED)